About Us

Stella's Stickers Studio is a creative endeavor in the midwest. As experienced designers and print technicians, we use only high quality, professional-grade materials and printing equipment to make bright, eye-popping quality labels. Our collective experience in printing goes back to 1979.

Our store's inspiration is our daughter Stella, who has severe autism, and is non-verbal. Her beautiful smile and love of colorful things inspires the work we do at the sticker studio.

Small business integrity

We are NOT a drop-shipper. Drop-shippers are merchants/sellers who do not handle or make the products they sell, but instead send it through a third party. In the e-commerce world, drop-shipping is becoming increasingly common and is seen as a quick & easy way to make money. But not here. Stella's Stickers & Cards is a division of a local, family-owned print shop in Battle Creek, Michigan, and we are the owners, printers, designers and packagers. Our livelihood and future livelihood depends on happy customers who come back again and again. If we make a mistake, we will reprint it or make it right.

American made on Main St.

Printing has changed a lot since our business was founded 45 years ago. Most online printing companies produce your order in the fastest and cheapest way possible. It often looks nothing like you thought it would. But we wouldn't do that. If we have questions about your order, we will ask you, so we can make sure it's right!

Our carbon footprint

As residents of the Great Lakes region in the state that looks like a mitten, we care about our environment and use high quality products that prevent waste. We save energy by running jobs simultaneously to prevent needless energy use. And we recycle everything from the cereal boxes we have around here for breakfast to our toner tubes and cardboard boxes from our stock shipments.

Our quality promise

Quality is always the outcome. We wouldn't have the gall to send you something sub-par. We only send things out the door that WE would be satisfied with. Every single detail from material to technique is thought through with commitment to customers.